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Monit recce kit

1595 kr

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The recce car kit bundles a windscreen suction mount with a custom G-Series wiring loom pre-wired with a cigarette lighter power adaptor and handheld reset switch. When combined with the G-Series’ GPS capabilities, the recce car kit makes temporary installation of a Monit rally computer into any vehicle fast and hassle free.

This is ideal for quick fitting to rented or borrowed reconnaissance (recce) vehicles where finding a speed signal for a traditional tripmeter is not possible. Also used for fast fitting a Monit to classic and oldtimer vehicles without modification to the vehicle, perfect for customers doing regularity rallies with collectable road cars.


Wire Length: 1600mm
Total Weight: 230g
Vikt 1,00000000 kg
Dimensioner 1 × 1 × 1 cm