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Ferodo Super formula

380 kr


Typical Dry Boiling Point 330 °C. – higher than any other product on the market.

Excellent compressibility – far lower than silicone based products.

Outstanding lubricity for smooth and efficient operation.

Excellent viscosity index allows efficient operation at both high and low temperatures whilst remaining easy to bleed – unlike ´´high viscosity´´ competitor products.

Fully meets the DOT 4 Specification – which is not the case with all products on the market.

This allows the fluid to be used for races run on public roads. last but definitely not least, the Ferodo brand and all that that implies about a product!

Tekniska data
• Torr kokpunkt: 328 °C
• Våt kokpunkt: 200°C
• Kinematisk viskositet (Cst): 1500 at -40°C
Vikt 1 kg
Dimensioner 1 × 1 × 1 cm